About Sharpness Primary


To create a school in which everyone is Successful, Happy, Ambitious, Responsible & Proud.

We believe that learning should be fun, purposeful and challenging and that children should be empowered to learn through experiences that offer enjoyment, exploration and enquiry. We believe that every child matters and that our school curriculum should equip each child with the skills they need for lifelong learning which will help them to live successful, happy and fulfilling lives. Through positive attitudes and partnerships we endeavour to develop the whole child, meeting individual needs in a safe and secure environment where differences are celebrated.

We believe that good teamwork and positive partnerships with individual children, the whole class, colleagues, governors, parents and the wider community will lead to effective teaching, high standards and successful learning.

We believe that all members of our school community should work together to maintain a safe and stimulating environment which encompasses not only the learning environment and school grounds, but also the surrounding area.



Our Vision for our school is underpinned by five key values: Success, Happiness, Ambition, Responsibility & Pride. These are at the heart of everything that we do in school.

We believe that these values will help our children develop as confident learners, who take ownership of their learning, are proud of their achievements and are well prepared for life in modern Britain.

We are proud of our school and warmly welcome visitors to it. We have a strong sense of our place in the community. Our teachers enjoying getting to know every child as an individual learner and build strong relationships with them and their families. We encourage children to forge strong links between themselves so they can support each other throughout their school lives. We seek to enrich our curriculum to create sharing activities and experiences with families and our community to provide children a rich, enjoyable experience. The school community looks outwards and aims to be socially active, building relationships with other local schools and groups.

To discover what these values mean to our children and how they work on a day-to-day basis in our school please click on the buttons below.


Graph showing latest token totals for each of our values



In order to fulfil our Vision and Values we have the following aims:

To ensure that our pupils feel safe and secure and enjoy coming to school;

To provide a high quality teaching and learning environment for our pupils that promotes high standards and accelerated progress for all;

To promote a love of education for all learners and to equip them with the tools to take ownership of their own learning;

To promote children’s self-esteem, their rights and responsibilities; and

To encourage everyone within our community to demonstrate the very best standards of conduct, moral purpose and integrity.

We will achieve these aims by:

Placing teaching and learning at the heart of everything we do;

Delivering innovative and effective teaching and learning;

Working in partnership with other schools and groups in our community;

Providing an exciting, broad and challenging learning experience;

Promoting a ‘Have a go’ culture and where children have the confidence to challenge themselves as learners; and

Promoting the confidence and engagement of parents and carers in the learning of their children and the development of good behaviour.



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