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Whatever the Weather

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Welcome back to the final term running up to the summer, and this proves to be the best one yet! 

The sun will be shining, the pool will be open, the flowers will be out. BUT Venus class still have work to do. This term's topic is 'Whatever the Weather', we will be examining the weather and climate, studying it's changes and measuring temperatures. 

The children will become scientific explorers and will study the life cycles of frogs and butterflies. They will also be planting beans and sunflowers and watching them grow. 

These marvellous scientific explorers will then be writing their findings in their super 'high tech' scientific diary, this will be to ensure that they rememeber to write in the present tense and can write about personal experiences. 

This term also involves a bit of dance, some groovy instrument making and green fingers. 

The best term yet! 

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