Sharpness School Association

The Sharpness School Association help to organise events and activities which fund experiences, trips & equipment for our school.

For 2018, we have a few things planned so we thought we’d give you a heads up on the dates, that way you all have no excuse for booking other things on these dates.

Easter Egg Raffle:      Thursday 29th March 2018


We are very fortunate to have a large committee again this year, with new members who have lots of ideas. However, this did bring to our attention that some people are still not aware of what the SSA do. Of course, you all know about the fundraising events we plan and put on, but where does the money go? Well, currently we spend it on a variety of things: the pantomine (which incidently would cost you £15 per child), we subsidise school trips and book bags for the Reception children.  We buy class gifts for the children during the Christmas period, as well as leavers presents for all our year 6 pupils. We also try to keep on top of the school and teachers’ wish list for various items of equipment and supplies, which included waterproofs for Forest School. Quite a costly list really and this is why we are so grateful for your support!

Mr Clements has asked us if we wish to continue fundraising for the children and school in the way that we have, or whether we would like to pool our fundraising for a while and embark on a bigger project. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts and ideas.

Bliss Harding & Fiona Freeman - SSA Joint Chairs

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