Our Anglo Saxon villages

Our Anglo Saxon villages

This term, we have been learning about Anglo Saxons. As part of our home learning for the term we were asked to build a model of a Saxon house. We did some research, both in school and at home, to find out what Saxon houses looked like. We discovered that Saxon houses often had thatched roofs and were mostly made out of wood. We also learned that the Saxons often had to rebuild their houses because the wood rotted quite easily because of heavy rain and bad storms.

We all had a lot of fun collecting stuff to make our houses: straw, hay, cardboard, sticks and quite a lot of glue and cellotape were used to make some incredible models. We brought our model houses into school yesterday and we were split into our House Teams to make 4 model villages. That was fun because we worked with people we don’t often work with.

We used planning sheets to draw up our plans of what our villages should look like. We were free to add our own ideas about how our Saxons villages would look. We made farms and crops to go with the houses and we used pipe cleaners, cardboard, coloured paper to make them. Then we used more cardboard and coloured paper to make rivers and grass.

We took lots of photographs which are in the gallery below.

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