Science Day

Science Day

Jupiter and Pluto classes are having a science day today, investigating issues involving materials, magnetism and electricity. They are very excited . Comments so far have included:

"So far they have learnt that split pins are magnetic and one that surprised me was a spoon was magnetic. I thought it was non-magnetic." (Carla Y4) 

"We have learnt that paper clips are magnetic. One of them that surprised me was the tin foil because I thought it would be magnetic but it actually was not. We have also learnt about hardness. We got a stick and scraped it on something to see how hard it is." (Jasmin Y4)

"We've been testing how we make electricity using objects to connect them to wires and see if that make the electricity work or not. We have used potatoes, money and plastic spoons. The plastic spoons didn't give us electricity but metal spoons worked." (Josh Y4)

"This morning we wnt into Pluto class and we were learning about magnets. We had to investigate if normal things like paper and foil would go to a magnet. Wefound out that the foil didn't go to the magnet because its not made of metal."(Faith Y5)

In Jupiter we were making circuits. Plugging crocodile clips together to try to find out which things were conductors and which were insulators. We used piece of wood, metal spoons, toys cars and a potatoes. We also tried to make a human circuit. You put your hand in the water to see if it would make a something on the computer screen work. In Pluto we were walking round to test if things were waterproof, flexible and magnetic. We used paperclips, split pins, coloured tissue paper, chalk, leather and cellophane. We found out that humans were conductors and the electricity would pass through all of us - about 6 or 7 people. We put insulators around plastic cups and found out that polystyrene was the best insulator. We used symbols to draw our circuit diagrams. It has been great fun. We learnt lots about the different insulators and found out things that surprised us. (Mason Y5, Kieran and Alfie Y6)

"In Jupiter class we were looking at how water can be used as a conductor of electricity. I was surpised that the electricity could go through the water. (Maddie Y6)

You can see more photographs in the Science Day 2018 gallery.

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