Maths Challenge Day

Maths Challenge Day

Today we are having a maths challenge day. The children are working in mixed age groups right across the school, solving problems, puzzles and challenges involving numbers, shape, measuring and a whole lot more. We hope to provide regular updates throughout the day.

The Challenges:

Orange Group are trying to answer the question 'Do taller people have bigger feet?' What do you think our findings will be?

Green Group are tackling maths puzzles trying to solve multiplication and addition puzzles on dominoes and triangles.

Yellow Group are immersed in a world of frogs and toads, trying to use their reasoning a problem solving skills to solve various challenges.

Pink Group are embrolied in the combined maths and engineering challenge of trying to construct the largest free standing model of the Eiffel Tower using newspapers and as much cellotape as they can lay their hands on.

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