I remember

I remember

We were writing poems about people who went to war. We looked at a simple structure for a poem called I Remember. We thought about what we knew about the war. Then we watched a video which had lots of sounds from WW2. That gave us help with ideas about what to write. The video gave us the sounds and ideas for emotions and we came up with a long list of words like bang, whistled, rattled, boom, crackled, squelched, screamed, rushing, soggy, deafening and piercing. This is called onomatopoeia which means "the imitation of a sound".

It was a fun activity. The structure of the poem was very simple and watching the video really helped us to know what to write about. The hardest part was trying to imagine yourself in the boots of the soldiers who died. When we were writing, it was also hard to try to pick the right words to use out of the long lists we had made and to get our best ideas into one poem.

I Remember

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