The end of an era.

The end of an era.

Today marks the end of an era here at Sharpness Primary School: it is Mrs Turl’s last day with us. She joined the school 16 years ago and has been on hand ever since to make sure that every child coming to our school got the best possible start to their education. In our assembly today several children from across the school shared their memories of their time in Mars Class.

Maddie: My favourite memory in Mars Class was when we did ‘Bring your pet into school day’ and my rabbit escaped out of the cage. Everybody laughed.

Olivia: I remember when I hid Alfie’s shoe and pretended that it was Dylan and Lucas who had done it and they got into trouble. I told Alfie that it was me but that he mustn’t tell Mrs Turl and then Alfie told Mrs Turl and then I was crying.

Lily: I remember all the funny stories that Mrs Turl used to read to us.

Louie: I remember when I couldn’t build a lego gun until Mrs Turl helped me.

Harry: I really enjoyed being in Mars Class and meeting lots of new friends. Mrs Turl was really nice and kind.

Ollie: Being in Mars Class is fun. You learn lots of new things and meet lots of new friends. The best part of being in Mars Class was the wellie walks.

Sophie: Mrs Turl used to tell us to speak to the hand. We found it funny.

Leah: I remember when Mrs Turl used to tell us we could go and play and we all used to run to the kitchen. I also loved our wellie walks.

Halle: I remember in Mars Class when me and Sophie were playing with a Barbie and we pulled the legs off!

Archie: I remember when a cat came in and went under the sofa.

Lola: I remember when I fell over on the floor and Mrs Turl said “Is there a hole in the floor?”

Isobel: My favourite memory was when me, Sophie and Tegan played schools in the outdoor classroom.

Molly: Mrs Turl always used to cuddle us if we were sad. We will miss you!

We all want to thank you for the amazing contribution you have made to the life of this school over the last 16 years and to the hundreds of children who have been fortunate enough to have been taught by you. Good luck for everything you do in the future, Mrs Turl and keep in touch with us. As Molly said, you’ll be sadly missed by all of the children, parents and staff.

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