Did You Know.....Habitats

Did You Know.....Habitats

This week, as well as rehearsing for our Nativity play, we have been learning all about habitats.

Olivia: “First Miss Pike asked us to write the title and then asked us to draw a lovely picture and colour it in. Then I wrote some information about the desert. I looked in 2 or 3 books and wrote down some facts. I drew another picture and then I wrote some information about how animals survive in the desert. I have watched some TV programmes about animals like Planet Earth. I had to write a contents page and then some Did You Know questions. And then I did the blurb which goes on the back of the book or the leaflet and give you information about it.”

Liam: “We had to write about different species that are in the rainforest. The rainforest is really rainy so it makes loads of different plants and trees and animals. Some are carnivores that eat meat; some are omnivores that eat both meat and plants; and some only eat plants - they are called herbivores. Some frogs are green. Leopards are black and yellow.  There is loads of meat in the rainforest so cheetahs live in the rainforest. Cheetahs can eat giraffes and otters and beavers. It can be really cold and windy in the rainforest and there’s loads of grass and leaves.

During the term we have been learning how to use Talk 4 Writing to improve our writing skills. There are some examples of our work here and other are in the Vebus Gallery.

How do you think we are doing?

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